Croke Park 2014

Croke Park 2014


Our match in Croke Park

The 23 of October was a very exciting and nervous day because our school GAA team played in Croke Park. We won every match in our league and worked very hard in training sessions all throughout the months trying to get to the final.   We were delighted to finally make it to Croke Park.  There was a great atmosphere in school all week especially that day.

That morning in school we were all shaking with fear and everyone in the school was making us more frightened. As we were about to leave, our class started to cheer us on. When we were leaving it felt like it was taking longer to get there and we all just wanted to be there. When we got there we went into our dressing room, Mr Cassidy and Ms Maye started to talk to us about the match. They said that they were proud of us for reaching Croke Park.

A while later we went out to watch the boys from other schools playing their match, watching them play gave us more confidence. When we went out to play our match our school was arriving into Croke Park.  The whole school had made banners, flags and signs. It looked really good from the pitch.

 As the first whistle blew the whole team was terrified. In the first half we were losing pretty bad but we still believed we could win. The game was very difficult and we were trying our very best to win. In the second half Tori Fitzgerald scored a point. We were all very proud of her.  We played our best right up to the final whistle, but we still didn’t win. We were all very disappointed and most of us were crying. We all got a medal but when they received the trophy it made us all sick in our stomach. But we still congratulated the other team.  We turned and faced our supporters because they were very good to us.  We went back into the dressing room and were devastated. Mr. Cassidy and Ms. Maye spoke to us and said how proud they were of us and that the whole school was too.   When we got on to the bus it took for ages to get back to school .Some of us fell asleep. When we got back everyone was clapping and screaming “well done,” .We wished we could have that experience again next year hopefully.

By Megan and Amy on behalf of the whole team

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