Our Trip to Airfield Farm

On Thursday morning last we went to Airfield Farm with Ms.Gleeson,Ms.Lawlor and Mr. Cassidy.Mr.McClure came too. We went on Louise’s bus.When we arrived Damien showed us around the farm.First we saw the jersey cows being milked by the farmer.After that we went to feed the calves.We saw the piglets being fed by their mammy.
We all washed our hands and had something to eat.We walked down to the pond and captured lots of interesting creatures like back swimmers,water snails,slugs and tadpoles in our nets .We were so excited when Rosalinda found 2 frogs and Abby found 1 frog but we put them straight back into the water.
Before returning to the bus we played in the maize and we ran down the hill.We had great fun!
We really enjoyed going to Airfield Farm
by Abby and Rosalinda 5th classDSCF1559DSCF1587DSCF1573DSCF1544DSCF1532DSCF1549DSCF1574DSCF1596DSCF1613DSCF1593DSCF1516DSCF1636

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