Engineer’s Week


On Thursday February 13th Ms Purcell’s, Mr Diver’s, my class, Ms Phelan and Ms Joyce went to Tallaght library to take part in a K’Nex challenge. We left at 9:30a.m. When we got to the library we took our hats, scarves, coats and gloves off. We were split into two groups. Ms Purcell’s class and half of our class went first for the K’Nex challenge while the rest of us chilled out in the library for an hour. We read lots of interesting books and some of us read to children from a senior infant class who were visiting the library at the same time. When the first group came back it was our turn.

The challenge was to build a mini bridge using K’Nex. It was difficult to begin with but one of the engineers gave us a hint to use as many triangles as possible so this made it a lot easier. When we were finished they tested the strength of our bridges by checking if they could hold the weight of a book. Thankfully, our bridge was strong enough. When all the bridges were checked they announced the winning pair who built the best bridge. Nathan and I (Jack) won in our group. We got t-shirts that say Engineer’s Week on them as a prize. When we got back to the school we had some lunch and then we went to music. It was the best day ever.

On Friday February 14th we all headed off again to Tallaght Stadium, this time for Engineering Week. There were other schools there as well today and we all gathered in a room together. When it started the Engineer called James who was hosting it began to speak to us about something called pneumatics. This shows how air can be used to power things. He did lots of experiments with us which were really cool. He got a hair dryer and blew hot air at a balloon. The hot air made the balloon float in the air and when the air cooled again the balloon came back down. He told us that this is because hot air is lighter than cold air so it will rise. Next he got a cup with cold water and picked Divine from the audience to take part in the experiment. He put a piece of card over the end of the cup and held it upside down over Divine’s head. Thankfully no water spilled out because of the air pressure. That was the best part from me (Abbey).

We also watched a video of a man sucking in helium from a balloon which made his voice go all squeaky. James told us that if we suck in too much helium without taking a breath you could get very light-headed and possibly faint.

We really enjoyed engineering week and learned lots of cool things. Hopefully we will get to take part again next year.

By Jack Seaton and Abbey Thorpe

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