Sacred Heart ‘Steps it Out’

Sacred Heart ‘Steps it Out’

We’ve  been very busy in school with our Health Promotion. Each class has been taking part in ’Busy Breaks’, ‘Stepping it up’ and walks in Killinarden Park. As well as these activities the children have been doing great work in class on the importance of healthy eating and the benefits of physical activity. With the help of the South Dublin Sports Partnership we were able to get a set of pedometers for our school. We are very confident that we are all achieving our 10,000 steps a day. The 5th classes got quite a few extra steps in, when Paul Hudson from the IT Tallaght came in and did some running drills on Monday morning. The children have also been measuring their steps during GAA coaching with Ken as well as counting how many steps they are using in PE lessons. The basketball team are going to use the pedometers to see how many steps they take during a game.

5th Class Ms Purcell    Excercise Tracker 6th class 3rd class Ms Brolan

Some parents from the school have been taking part in a ‘Walk Leader Training’ programme. From this course the parents’ group ‘Killinarden Steppers’ has been set up. The group are well on track to meeting the target of 10,000 steps with walks on Wednesday mornings. Even the heavy rain hasn’t stopped the parents walking!

IMG_3955       IMG_3954   IMG_2521


Well done to all the Parents, Teachers and children for making a really healthy start to the New Year.




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