Third Class are a healthy bunch!

food snaps2 Food snapsThis month we have been very healthy. We have been eating fruit and vegetables every day. We exercise for thirty minutes a day at home and at school. The pupils in our class have been running, jogging, playing football and dancing. Some pupils have even been kick-boxing and doing martial arts!

On Wednesday we walked around Killinarden Park with Ms McCarthy and the other third class teachers. Ms McCarthy did the ‘Step it up’ dance with us in Ms Vaughan’s shared area. Last Friday we walked 13,117 steps altogether. We felt very proud of ourselves.

We are studying about food and where it comes from. We looked at food labels. There is a lot of sugar in some foods. We also designed healthy meals. Every meal should have protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. In art, we did food collages. Come and visit our classroom to find out more! By Ms Brolan’s Class

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