Two weeks ago the whole class had a Halloween party in the school.  Firstly we did some work. Then we got into our costumes. I dressed up as a fortune teller. Finally  we  ate  some  sweets  and  watched  a  film  called  The  Witches’. I had a great  day.


The school party

Last Friday our class had a Halloween party. Firstly we went up to sixth class to hear their spooky stories. After that we had a catwalk with Ms.Brolans  and Ms.Sanfeys . It was fun. Then we took some pictures of our costume. After the pictures we went inside to watch The Witches and we ate some goodies too. Lastly we all changed into our p.e gear. I had great fun.



Our class went down to 6th class .They read us their Halloween spooky stories .Then we went back to our class .We had a Halloween party. We brought in sweets and  we watched The Witches  and we went home. I had a great day.

By Josh



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