6th class trip to KCS


On Tuesday 24th September all of 6th class went up to the KCS for the open day. We got the bus up. When we got there we sat in the PE hall to get to know the teacher. We went outside where we were given a sheet with questions. We had to go around the school to get answers. After a while we went up to the school for a tour around, it was really fun. The rooms are big, there are many fun subjects and classes. Science was great fun, we saw lots of experiments. We got to see crisps on fire, a coke can balance on its side and many more. The library is very big, it helps you to improve your reading. We went to the computer room and filled in some of our answers. We got a drink and sweets in a little room. After our break we walked through the big hall, it had lots of art there. Their work on the Titanic, Kenya and drawings was displayed there. Before we left the school we went to the breakfast club room. The teachers name who helps the breakfast club is Kim. We went up to the lovely astro pitch to play rounders for a while. We got back on the bus after a great day up in KCS. We liked KCS it’s a fun and great school to be in.

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